Terms and Conditions

1. The children will have a teacher or assistant with them during all times. Children will not be allowed to leave the premisses without a responsible parent/carer. Parent/carer must be contactable and able to collect the child in case teachers and/or assistants deem necessary. Responsibility for the child remain with parent/carer during all times, any absence from the premises are at their own discretion. 

2. Children in Year 2 that do not speak Portuguese or are younger than 7 year old will join Onça Pintada group.

3. Due to infrastructure limitations Jacaré and Arara groups will have joint sessions, these will be split up in the future according to demand and infrastructure availability.

4. Enrolment without payment will be discarded.

5. Payments can be made by BACS, cheque, cash or online via paypal (see payment page for details).

6. The course fee is calculated based on the number of sessions in each half term plus admin fee.

7. In case there are not enough children enrolled and confirmed at the course by 5th Setember 2013, the course will be cancelled and the course fee will be refunded in full.

8. In case of dropping out after paying the course fee and before the start of the course, the course fee will be refunded less admin costs

9. In case of dropping out after the start of the course, the fee is not refundable

10. In case of absence for any reason the cost of the session will not be refunded.

11. Children starting during course term will pay proportionality to the number of sessions left on term plus admin fee. Example:  8 session in term with 4 left - course fee = 4 sessions + admin fee

12. Incomplete enrolment form submitted will not be accepted.

13. Children 5 years and over will not be able to attend individual sessions. They will need to enrol to the course. A test period might be agreed between Clubinho Verde Amarelo Comittee and parent/carer in case the course have already started at enrolment  Terms of this test period will be agreed in advance between parent/carer and Clubinho Committee member. Children 5 and over that attend Clubinho without previous enrolment or contact will not be allowed to participate of their adequate session.

14. Children under 5 years will attend one session at members cost to try Clubinho, following sessions will be charged at non-member cost.

15. We encourage parents to send their children with refreshments for the afternoon break, for example a water bottle and a snack.

16. Please note you have sole responsibility for the safety of your child at all times, the organisers can not accept any responsibility or liability for any accident or injury that may occur.