English Description

Clubinho Verde e Amarelo Portuguese School restarts on 10th September 2016. All lessons will be at Forest School (Robinhood Lane, Winnersh, Wokingham, RG41 5NE). Every Saturday from 13:30h to 15:30h  during English Term time unless previously communicated.

The children will be divided in the following groups:

 * Canarinho: (£3.00 suggested amount)

 0-2 - 45 min of sing and play 20min break

 *  Mico Leão: (Membership £45.00 for the first half term, £54.00 for the second half term)

4-6/Reception and Infant school - 1h 40 min of sing and play 20min break

=> The child is responsability of parent or carer and they must stay in the building during all times. 

Other groups: (£45 for the first half term, £54 for the second half term; includes membership and admin fee)

 * Onça Pintada: 

6-11 (Junior school and/or basic portuguese) - 10 min start, 45 min vocabulary building, 45 min teacher lead play, 20 min break.

 * Jacaré: 

9-15 (secondary school or advanced Portuguese) - 1 hour and 45 min formal learning (read/write and GCSE preparation), 15 min break

In case you accept Terms and Conditions above and you want your child to learn Portuguese with us, please fill in the enrollment form by 10th September 2016. Enrolment will be confirmed via email after payment of the course fee. Course package will be delivered on the first lesson by presenting enrollment confirmation. 

Notes =>  
1. We might charge £1 or £2 to cover administrative costs like: bank charges and materials. Please contact Clubinho Committee in case of doubts.
2. Besides age intermediate or advanced knowledge of Portuguese is required to join Jacare group. Older children without minimum knowledge of Portuguese can participate in the Onça Pintada group.