Conteudo das Aulas

Aula 02/03
Mico-Leao: present the theme for this term: Easter
Vocabulary topics: Easter key words; colours: blue, yellow, red; numbers: one, two, three
Activities: Vocabulary repetition with hoola hups, memory game, Easter eggs domino
Music: 'Coelhinho da Pascoa' (Coelhinho da Pascoa que trazes pra mim)
Onca-pintada/Jacare: The objective of these lessons is to get the children to be exposed to a wide range of different topics to enable them to develop, expand and bridge the gaps in their spoken Portuguese through a variety of interesting and challenging activities. These activities will aim to cover many aspects of Brazilian life and culture.
The focus will be on the spoken language and development of listening skills. It not wise at this stage of their lives to teach them written Portuguese as this may interfere with their learning of written English. Reading in Portuguese is alright as long as it is part of the lesson to illustrate spoken language.
First lesson
Topics and vocabulary: names, family, animals, colours, numbers
Activities: talking, listening, responding, requesting, giving opinion, repeating, memorizing, singing and story telling
Aula 09/03
Mico-Leao - review the theme for this term
Topic and vocabulary: animals (pets), colours: pink, brown, white and black
Activities: describe animals and recognize the sound of animals
Music: Coelhinho da Pascoa (De olhos vermelhos, de pelo branquinho ...), Meu Pintinho Amarelinho
Story-telling: 'O Coelhinho que nao era de Pascoa' - Ruth Rocha
Onça-Pintada - revision, consolidadation of language covered previously
Topic and vocabulary: animals(pets), further work with colours and numbers,
Story telling, song 'A galinha do vizinho'
Activities: questions and answers, visual prompts, matching objects, repetition, recognition, drill.

Jacaré - get to know the children to establish Portuguese level and ability and find out the best way to help them with acquisition. If I think that the use of written language is appropriate at this stage, I may do so.
Topic and vocabulary: numbers, animals, school life, physical activities, games
Everyday words: kitchen, high street, toys etc
Activities: questions, game, matching words to pictures, describing, classifying

Aula 16/03
Mico-Leao - review the theme for this term
Topic and vocabulary: animals (zoo), colours: review colours already learned
Activities: describe animals, games (A canoa virou; Ovo, Ovo, Coelho; Leao/Macaco)
Story-telling: 'O Patinho Feio' 
Onca Pintada - revision of numbers, consolidation
Topic and vocabulary - animal and their off-spring(filhotes)
Activities: singing to revise previous song(number), colouring to consolidate
the meaning of the song.
Number card games to check understanding and consolidate
Numbers 0-10.
Matching and classifying (filhotes) objective: to contrast regular
Words and diminutives (-inho)
Introduced new song 'A Canoa Virou' - objetive - To expose them to other verb tenses
Games to practise vocabulary.

Jacaré  objective: to encourage learning,
understanding and acquisition of unknown language.
 Topic and vocabulary: Talking, reading about 'Monica e Cebolinha'
Aula 23/03
Mico-Leao: review theme for this term
Vocabulary: Review animals, colours and numbers. Recognize patterns stripes and dots.
Activities: Egg hunt, getting chicks and rabbits, balls in the basket
Story telling: Stripes and Dots
Onca-Pintada : Revision and consolidation of items covered before, to check understanding and reinforce learning

Topic and vocabulary: numbers and animals, Easter And related vocabulary

Activities : Matching animals to respective numbers.
Intro. to Easter topic, talking about rabbit and words associated
Listening to a rabbit song for gist and presentation of
Using gesture and realia to aid understanding
Listening and singing along
Repetition to aid acquisition
Background music to reinforce learning

Other activities: colouring, maize search, join the dots, find hidden objects 
Jacare: no lesson